Landslides at the BGS

We are the definitive source of landslide information in Great Britain. Landslides are shown on our geological maps and we maintain the National Landslide Database which has over 16 500 records of landslides in Great Britain. Information is gathered from surveys and reports or as part of our responsive work in Great Britain.

Landslide Response Team

When a significant landslide is reported, the Landslide Response Team is sent to assess it. They collect data for the National Landslide Database and provide local advice.

We have a core team of geologists, geomorphologists and engineering geologists who specialise in landslides.

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Heavy rain Landslides and rainfall

Monthly statistics of landslide occurrence and rainfall amounts in the UK

Case studies and free download reports Case studies and free download reports

Information on over 40 landslides and coastal sites.
Photos, videos and reports.

Coastal Landslides Coastal landslides

Monitoring landslides
Monitoring coastal erosion
Mapping landslides at the coast

Coastal Landslides Landslide susceptibility mapping

BGS currently has two digital landslide susceptibility maps for different landslide types: slides and debris flows.

Landslide Assessment GeoReport Landslide assessment GeoReport

New landslide assessment for those with an interest in the landslides in a particular area or for preliminary site assessments

Landslide Surveying Techniques Landslide surveying techniques

Terrestrial LiDAR techniques
Examples of data for coastal erosion and volume change models

Landslide Natural Hazard Partnership

The landslides team is taking part in this collaborative initiative with twelve of the UK's other leading public sector agencies


GeoBlogyHunting for landslides in St Lucia by Catherine Pennington

In October 2010, Hurricane Tomas hit the Caribbean causing death and destruction, particularly on the islands of St Lucia, Grenada and St Vincent. BGS staff have been working on a European Space Agency-funded project using satellite image analysis for disaster management in the Caribbean.

Landslides training in Scotland by Catherine Pennington (video)

In October 2018, a few of us spent a week in the beautiful Scottish Highlands looking at landslides and we've made a video about it. The trip was just after with a period of very heavy rain that triggered some debris flows that closed the A83 Rest And Be Thankful Pass where these types of landslide are a regular occurrence.

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