News stories about BGS

A selection of recent news, that includes mentions of the British Geological Survey, reported in online news websites. Click on a heading link to read the full article.

Dr Tracy Shimmield will provide leadership to the ORIC board, and is a key appointment in the multi-million pound project. Dr Shimmield brings a wealth of experience to the role, being an executive member of the British Geological Survey and co-director of Edinburgh’s Lyell Centre, a pioneering global research facility for earth and marine science and technology.

3 October 2018

BGS director of science and technology Professor Mike Stephenson enthuses about the planned Cheshire Energy Research Field Site at Ince Marshes investigating this sphere.

1 October 2018

Researchers from the British Geological Survey and Dundee University, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, have discovered that two tsunamis, each at least 40ft high, hit Shetland 5,000 and 1,500 years ago. "Think of me as Sherlock Holmes," says Prof Dave Tappin of the BGS. His colleagues call him Dave the Wave.

17 September 2018

Plans to develop a geothermal research facility at an old coal mine in Glasgow have been approved. Glasgow City Council and South Lanarkshire Council have given the go-ahead for the Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Field Site, which will enable the UK science community to study the geothermal environment below the Earth’s surface. It is one of two sites proposed under the £31 million UK Geoenergy Observatories investment led by the British Geological Survey.

31 August 2018

A sinkhole which opened up in Ripon city centre on 21st August lead to the evacuation of a nearby supermarket. The British Geological Survey (BGS) said that Ripon is prone to sinkholes and there were a number of possible triggering mechanisms.

21 August 2018

The UK Cabinet Office has launched a consultation on its first geospatial strategy, seeking views on how to make best use of the location data held by public, private and voluntary sector organisations. The UK’s Geospatial Commission is a committee given £80m of funding over two years to support the more effective use of public and private geospatial data. Its partners include government agencies with large amounts of location data, including the British Geological Survey.

15 August 2018

Recent dry weather could have been a contributing factor in the rock fall which killed a nine-year-old girl in Staithes. Dr Helen Reeves, BGS, said: “Recent weeks have seen an increased number of cliff falls reported around our coastline in the UK”.

9 August 2018

The county has been hit by tremors twice in a week with the latest taking place at a magnitude of 2.4 at 6.54am (BST) in Newdigate on Friday, hitting a depth of three miles (5km), the British Geological Survey (BGS) said. BGS seismologist Richard Luckett told Press Association there is a “constant stream” of small earthquakes over most parts of the UK on a regular basis, adding: “There’s no reason why Surrey should be any different.

30 July 2018

British authorities said Monday they were working to examine the potential vulnerability to groundwater supplies from onshore oil and gas activity. The British Geological Survey and the nation's Environment Agency said they were working on a consistent way to examine potential contamination.

23 July 2018

The space under cities is getting busier – from transport excavations to billionaire’s mega-basements. So how to keep track of what’s down there? The British Geological Survey initiative Project Iceberg will attempt to aggregate cities’ subterranean data.

10 July 2018