GeoWeek 2019

GeoWeek | 4–12 May 2019

GeoWeek is a new initiative that aims to promote 'active geoscience' via a nine-day 'week' of fieldwork activities taking place across the UK between 4 and 12 May 2019.

GeoWeek seeks to introduce as many members of the public to geoscience as possible, mainly through outdoor activities such as urban, rural or coastal fieldwork. We hope you or your group will set up a field visit during the nine-day 'week'. Different strategies you might consider include:

  • planning a 'normal' geoscience fieldtrip locally
  • planning a 'normal' geoscience fieldtrip locally — but also making some of the sites into Earthcache sites, for others to enjoy later
  • stationing people at a number of sites of geoscience interest in the area, and giving members of the public a map and a 'passport' to help them to find and find out about as many of the sites as possible
  • your own innovative strategy

Are you taking part in GeoWeek?

Please tell people about your event by advertising it on your website, but please also fill in the simple participation form to put your event on the GeoWeek's UK and Ireland map.

With your help, we may be able to emulate the Spanish Geolodays initiative that takes 10 000 members of the public on fieldwork on one day each year!

NB: GeoWeek is not responsible for the health and safety of events and does not insure events.

Please note the following:

  • GeoWeek does not carry any funding.
  • Please use the GeoWeek logo in your publicity and publicise your event(s) as widely as possible.
  • Please ensure that your activity is insured, either by your institutional insurance or through the Geologists' Association insurance scheme.
  • If your fieldtrip is to a distant site, you or your organisation will have to cover transportation costs.

Setting an Earthcache

Use our how to set an Earthcache page for a step-by-step guide to setting up a new Earthcache as a focus for your fieldtrip. Once you've set up an Earthcache people can also use it at other times of the year.