National Geological Repository

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The National Geological Repository (NGR) is a national science facility and an integral part of the British Geological Survey.

Its unique collections of borehole cores, cuttings, samples, specimens, and related subsurface information from the UK landmass and continental shelf are used extensively by industry, in research, and to support university teaching.

The centrepieces of the NGR are the core stores and records collections. The original core store, built in the early 1980s, has been extended twice (most recently in 2012) to create the UK's biggest core storage and examination facility.

The NGR is operated by the British Geological Survey (Natural Environment Research Council), and is located at the headquarters of the British Geological Survey in Nottinghamshire.

P748913 Who are the National Geological Repository users?

The NGR collections are used regularly by academics and students working on a very broad range of earth sciences research, from palaeobiology to hydrocarbon prospectivity.

P776587 What's in the NGR collections and finding detailed information

The BGS is progressively scanning and digitising the NGR collections, and some of these are now available online free of charge. Examples include over 1.3 million scanned UK onshore borehole records, and 125 000 high-definition images of cores from UK continental shelf hydrocarbon exploration and production wells.

_BGS8615 What facilities are available at the National Geological Repository?

The NGR is located at the headquarters of the British Geological Survey, a few miles south of Nottingham. By arrangement all the BGS's science facilities are available to NGR users.

Pyromorphite-wheal Alfred, hayle Cornwall, UK Materials collection

Since the beginnings of the Survey in 1835, the gathering of geological material has been one of its more significant functions.

Records storage Records and archives

The National Geological Records Centre (NGRC) holds a unique archive of documents created during the past two and a half centuries.

What do our users say?

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The BGS/DECC Core Collection is a unique and irreplaceable collection... Significantly, this resource is the only collection of core material from UK Hydrocarbon wells that is curated and actively managed... As geological science is dynamically evolving, the value of the collection will continue to grow. The collection provides a means of testing new geological concepts and the material for extracting new scientific information by, as yet, undeveloped methodologies.
Dr Andrew P Sims, Merlin Energy Resources Ltd

The BGS collections represent a unique, invaluable and utterly irreplaceable source of material for both teaching and research. It continues to yield material of extraordinary scientific value. For instance, scientists at Leicester, Cambridge and the BGS have just published jointly on a remarkable fossil specimen discovered in the collections that provides a spectacular example of early biological 'division of labour'.
Dr Jan Zalasiewicz, University of Leicester

'The core store has been an invaluable resource to the MSc in Applied Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Derby. For subsurface study, core represents reality but a very different one that few students have worked with before. At BGS, our students are able to view a range of rock types in this medium and to log petroleum-bearing core directly related to our taught modules. In addition, a number of our MSc projects have involved logging the reservoir in a small number of cored wells to ground truth wireline data for those wells. Students then produce a reservoir model for a larger number of wells in a hydrocarbon field. This has improved understanding of reservoir modelling and increased the quality of models and resulting student reports.
Dr Dorothy Satterfield, Applied Petroleum Geoscience, University of Derby


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The National Geological Repository is situated on the British Geological Survey's Environmental Science Centre at Keyworth, approximately five miles south-east of Nottingham city centre. How to get to BGS Keyworth.

We are extremely interested to find new ways through which the NGR collections can be used to better support industry, academic research and teaching.